Saturday, March 22, 2008

The boys go fishing

We were supposed to go up North this weekend with our neighbors, but due to various ailments we opted to stay home. It's just as well, because all of the lakes up there are frozen over. Instead we all headed down to Tempe Town Lake to catch fish. About halfway there, I looked back to find this:

Scamp, asleep, clutching pretzels. He is transitioning from two naps a day to one, and some days it doesn't work so well. So he and I sat in the car for almost an hour while everyone went down and got set up.

Luckily we didn't miss much. Except a lot of casting.

Just as we arrived, The Man caught a trout. I must be good fishing luck.

The kids were interested in the slimy fish, but since we were throwing them back we couldn't keep him out very long.

A few minutes later our neighbor caught another trout.

Everyone posed for a photo with the second fish before he went back in the water:

After fishing we went down the block to have dinner. The kids love playing in the driveway.

Another neighbor brought by some costumes, and the bigger boys enjoyed getting into character.

That's Sponge Bob and Patrick, in case you aren't up on your children's programing.

It was a great day, and reminded me again why we moved here.

Tomorrow is Easter. We hope the Easter Bunny comes to visit and hide our eggs!

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Meghan said...

Hi Brooke, It's great to see recent photss of the kids! They have grown a ton since I saw them in December! - Meghan