Thursday, April 17, 2008


Last night, almost immediately after I pressed "Post" on my last blog entry, Nick started to cry. It was 8:30 - he never cries at that time of night. I waited a bit and went in to check, only to find him screaming and covered in vomit. Great. I got him cleaned up and sat on the couch with him while he continued to get sick into various towels I brought over for him.

Then about 10:30, Jack came out. "Mom! I threw up!" Indeed he did. With him it was all at once, so I got him showered off, his bed changed, and sat out on the couch watching tv until I could settle him back down.

The funny thing? This is how they looked:


Hardly the photo of illness. I look worse than they do - although no need for photographic evidence.

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